Pheromone Plug-Ins: Where to Put a Feliway Diffuser

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If you have a cat that’s anxious, distressed or acting aggressively towards other pets or people, you may be wondering about pheromone plug-ins.

Pheromones may help improve your cat’s behavior

Cats with behavioral problems can be difficult to live with and plug-ins may be one way of restoring some peace to a turbulent household. 

Cats may act aloof and unflappable, but they can be hypersensitive to changes in their environment or past traumas.


We want our cats to be happy and well-adjusted in our homes, but living with behavioral issues can be tiring and frustrating.  It’s not as if you can pull up the cat bed and say hey snuffles, how about we talk about what’s gotten into you.


Before we delve deeper into the world of Feliway diffusers, it’s worth mentioning that behavioral difficulty can have a medical cause. You should always be ready to talk to you veterinarian about your concerns. 

We’ve written about Feliway and Comfort Zone before, but we wanted to look into one of the most common questions: where to put a Feliway diffuser in the home?  

What is Feel a Way?

Feel a way is just the phonetic way of saying Feliway. Feliway is the company selling a range of synthetic pheromone products for pets. That’s what we’ll be discussing below so don’t worry if you’ve been typing Feel a Way into Google – because you’re in the right place!

What is a Feliway Diffuser?

Feliway (feel a way) diffusers are similar to plug-in air fresheners but instead of floral-scented blasts, Feliway diffusers emit synthetic pheromones into your living space.


Let’s back this up a little. 


Cats use chemical markers called pheromones to communicate back to themselves about the environment they’re in.


You’ll no doubt have seen this behavior done in your own home: cats rubbing their cheeks and forehead against objects, surfaces and people.


Cats are territorial animals and this is their way of claiming space and making it safe and secure for them to live in.


But sometimes this process doesn’t happen or it doesn’t work.  Your cat doesn’t feel secure and it can’t smell these pheromones in the house.  You may just have moved into a new property or done some extensive remodelling; you may have had loud houseguests or introduced a new pet.  It may be that nothing much has changed in the house but suddenly your feline is clawing at the sofa or spraying outside the litterbox.


This is where a Feliway diffuser can help because the plug-in will disperse synthetic pheromones into the air which the cat can then smell and respond to.


You should start seeing an improvement in behavior.


You can use a Feliway diffuser whenever you have problems with spraying, scratching or anxiety.  You can also buy Feliway Multicat which can help reduce aggression in homes with multiple felines.


You can also buy Feliway in a collar or a spray.

Can humans smell Feliway?

No, humans aren’t able to smell pheromones.

Where can I buy Feliway diffusers and refills?

You can buy Feliway diffusers, refills and sprays on Amazon and on Chewy.  Prices may vary between sites so we’d recommend each button below (a new window will open) and double-checking before buying.  We do make a small commission on any qualifying purchase you make (at no cost to you).

Comfort Zone is another popular brand that makes plug-in diffusers and sprays.  We’ll add a link below for their products, too

Check Feliway Price on Amazon

Check Feliway Price on Chewy

Does Feliway work?

It depends on the cat.  Some owners swear by synthetic pheromones and credit the diffuser or spray with transforming a pet’s behavior.


Other owners don’t see any change in their cat at all.  It appears that some cats are just more susceptible to the diffusers than others, and you probably won’t know until you try it out. 

You’d be understandably disappointed if it didn’t work but we’d say if the behavior is causing you considerable concern or stress then pheromones are probably worth a shot.

Where to Put a Feliway Diffuser?

You should put the diffuser in the room or area of the home where the cat spends most of its time.


The diffuser is good for areas up to 70 metres square (753 square feet) so bear that in mind when you’re picking an electrical socket.


In multi-level homes, you may need to consider more than one diffuser.


Avoid anywhere that could block the diffuser. You don’t want to put it behind sofas, cupboards or open doors etc as this will limit how effective it is.


Be mindful about airflow as well as air-conditioning units or fans which could cause the diffuser to disperse the particles unequally.  

Does Feliway Work Right Away?

It can take around 24-hours to start working but it might be around a week until you start noticing results. 

How to tell if Feliway diffuser is on?

If it’s plugged in and the power is on then it’s working.


Humans won’t be able to smell or see it but you should hopefully notice a change in the cat’s behavior.  Otherwise, look to see if the liquid in the bulb is going down.

The diffuser does use a small amount of heat to diffuse the liquid so you may feel a warmth coming out of the top. 

Can you leave a Feliway plugged in all the time?

Yes, for maximum effectiveness you should leave it plugged in 

Has Feliway multicat been discontinued?

Feliway multicat is a specific formula to help reduce aggression and behavioral difficulties in homes with more than one cat.

You can still buy the diffuser and refills on Chewy and Amazon. 

Check Multicat on Amazon

Check Multicat on Chewy

How long do the diffusers and refills last?

A diffuser will last around 6-months and each refill should last around 1-month. 

What about using Feliway on the go?

Feliway does a pheromone spray which you might find helpful if you’re traveling with your cat as you can spray it on bedding and inside carriers.  For some cats, the anxiety is entirely down to being put inside a carrier. 

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