About Us

Cats are territorial but most modern owners aren’t. We live in a world where our pets have to get into carriers, into cars, onto planes, trains and even into backpacks. 

We wanted to create a website that answered the questions that we had about traveling with a cat, and we wanted to focus not only on the BIG trips but on the smaller ones, too, because car rides to the veterinarian or to the cattery can be as anxiety-inducing as an international one when you’re traveling with cat. 

Our British Domestic Shorthair is a big part of our family, so it’s a big deal when she travels with us. We want her to feel safe, secure and comfortable and whilst she’ll never be the Jack Kerouac type, we’re happy that she’s getting to grips with going away (even if it’s only a few minutes down the road).

Dog owners expect to have to travel with their pets but cat owners aren’t so comfortable at packing up the scratching post and taking their feline furball somewhere new.  We want to help change that. 

We hope you’ll find our website useful 🙂 x