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Black cat sitting next to an Argos cat carrer

Cats might be territorial but most owners aren’t.

We live in a world where our pets have to get into carriers, into cars, onto planes, trains and even into backpacks. 

It’s not always easy traveling with a cat so we wanted to create a website that answered many of the questions we’d had.  And we didn’t just want to focus on the BIG trips but on the smaller ones, too.  Car rides to the veterinarian or cattery can be as anxiety-inducing as international flights for some owners and their pets.

Our gorgeous girl is a rescue cat, and we love her to pieces. She’s used to traveling now but she’ll probably never be the Jack Kerouac type.  She’s pretty well behaved but we wanted to share some of our experience and research with other owners embarking on the open road, on rail, on the water, and into the skies with their cats. 

We’ll be recommending products we’ve used and thoroughly researching the ones we haven’t.  We’ll also be answering questions to help ensure you have a safe and stress-free journey with your cat.

Wherever you’re taking your cat this year, we wish you very happy travels 😊 xx