white and brown owl animal

Do Barn Owls Eat Cats?

We hadn’t thought much about owls attacking cats until we read an interesting article in a UK newspaper (we’ll link to it below). As natural habitats start disappearing in favour of urban development, many wild birds and animals seek food and shelter in our streets and backyards. They may also share territory with people and …

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toasted bread slices with jam for brunch laying on plate

Can Cats Eat Jam?

We’ve caught our cat licking jam off knives before. Over the years, we’ve learned to hide knives and spoons from her. What’s interesting is that, according to research, cats can’t taste sweet things. We’d always assumed that our cat’s love of jam and peanut butter was because she liked the taste of sugar. We’ve also …

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plate of raw pork on a blue background with post title overlay

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork?

Managing what cats can eat is sometimes complicated. Food that is harmless to us can be toxic to them. Then there’s the divisive topic of raw feeding. Some owners swear by it, while others denounce it as an unnecessary and risky way to feed pets. And there’s also the added dimension of accidental feedings that …

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grind meat in glass bowl

Can Cats Eat Raw Mince?

Cats are carnivores. It means that they can’t survive without meat in their diet, unlike dogs and humans. It’s why some owners choose to feed their pets an exclusively raw meat diet. Other owners opt for cooked meat, including the food sold in pet and grocery stores (the cans, sachets, trays, etc.). We buy our …

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Can Cats Drink Oat Milk?

Our cat had an upset stomach not long after we first got her. We took her to the veterinarian, concerned that something more serious was going on. Long story short, we’d been buying her sachets of ‘cat soup’ or ‘cat broth’, commonly sold in pet stores. We’d assumed it was better to give her a …

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