Feliway Vs Comfort Zone

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What do Feliway and Comfort Zone Do?

Cats use chemical markers called pheromones to create familiarity and security in their environment.  

Cats rub their heads and faces against people and objects to declare them as safe. Humans can’t smell these pheromones but other cats can, and it’s one way in which they’re able to communicate with each other. 

We’re pitching this article as Comfort Zone vs Feliway but both products are relatively similar.  

Feliway and Comfort Zone are synthetic pheromones that mimic this scenting process helping stressed, anxious and aggressive cats to read their environment more effectively and to feel safer and happier in their homes.

You can buy:

Comfort Zone as a plug-in diffuser on Amazon

Feliway Classic as a plug-in diffuser on Amazon .

^ The diffuser is currently out of stock BUT Thunderease below uses Feliway as an active ingredient 🙂

Thunderease Cat Calming plug-in diffuser on Amazon

You can also buy Feliway wipes to use on surface areas

You can buy refills for both, too. 

Are Feliway and Comfort Zone the Same?

They’re both synthetic pheromones but they are two different brands. Although, you may see some Comfort Zone products advertised as containing Feliway.

Why Would My Cat Need Feliway or Comfort Zone Products?

Cats are pretty good at telling us when they’re not happy. If you have a cat that is: 

  • Spraying around the house
  • Urinating outside its litterbox
  • Hiding from its cat carrier
  • Acting aggressively towards another cat
  • Tearing strips out of your wallpaper or furniture
  • Uneasy about traveling in cars or planes
  • Having trouble adjusting to its new home

Then Feliway or Comfort Zone could make a world of difference to your pet. 

Do Cat Calming Pheromones Work? 

Many owners swear by either Feliway or Comfort Zone when it comes to reducing anxiety in cats. Veterinarians often recommend Feliway. Visit Amazon, and you’ll find a raft of positive reviews from those owners whose cats had displayed one or more of the problematic behaviors listed above. 

Equally, Comfort Zone has been proven to be effective in 95% of urine marking cases, 93% of scratching cases and 88% of cases of multi-cat tension with results seen in as little as 7-days. 

But you’ll also see reviews where owners have said that synthetic pheromones didn’t work.  One reviewer’s cat actually sprayed onto the diffuser itself which is hardly a ringing endorsement. 

Feliway and Comfort Zone might not work for your pet. 

Cats won’t all react to synthetic pheromones in the same way.  The same as they don’t all react similarly when dosed with Benadryl before travel or when you switch-up their kibble to a new recipe. All cats are different and that’s what makes knowing how to help them when they’re unhappy or unsettled so difficult. 

Behaviours like spraying, scratching and over-grooming could also be due to an underlying condition that isn’t going to be stopped by synthetic pheromones.  Urinating outside the litterbox, for example, could be due to a urinary tract infection. 

There’s no doubt, however, that both Feliway and Comfort Zone have a lot of anecdotal evidence in their favour from owners who swear synthetic pheromones worked for their pets.  For some owners, these products might be the last resort. Countless cats are returned to shelters to be rehomed because they don’t get along with other cats. Back in 2018, the Winn Feline Foundation did a study and concluded that there was evidence to suggest that synthetic feline pheromones can help to reduce aggression in multi-cat households. 

Our advice if you’re struggling to cope with your cat’s behaviour would be to give either Feliway or Comfort Zone a try.

Which Product do I Need? 

***(There seems to be a small availability problem with Feliway right now. We’ve still included the links below for you to check, but we’ll also add a link here that’ll take you to the relevant Amazon page for pheromone diffusers and sprays).***

Original Feliway comes in a plug-in diffuser. It’s recommended for cats that are scratching furniture, urine spraying or for cats that are anxious either in a new home or in their current one. 

Feliway Multicat is designed to reduce tension and aggression in households with more than one cat. 

Feliway spray is in a travel-sized bottle making it ideal for helping to calm a cat down in the car or for reducing anxiety at specific times or in specific places.  For example, if there are fireworks outside, contractors working inside the home, thunderstorms or imminent trips to the veterinarian or cattery. 

Comfort Zone offers a plug-in diffuser to help create a calming environment and reduce spraying and scratching.

Comfort Zone Multicat reduces multi-cat tension

Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control will allow you to target specific problem areas within the home.  It’s also useful for spraying into cat carriers if you have a difficult cat.

Feliway Vs Comfort Zone

Feliway covers a room size of up to 70m² (750 sq ft).

Comfort Zone diffusers work up to 37m² (400 sq ft)

Feliway is better for problem areas in bigger spaces

Feliway recommends changing the diffuser every 6 monthsComfort Zone recommends changing it every 12 months.

Comfort Zone represents better value for money on the diffuser. 

Both Feliway and Comfort Zone recommend changing the refill every 30 days. 

Both sprays last for several hours. 

Comfort Zone has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 

Which Would We Choose?

Feliway has more positive reviews on Amazon than Comfort Zone which could suggest that it has better customer satisfaction. 

If we were to follow reviews on Amazon, then we’d pick Feliway.  If we were choosing a diffuser for a large space inside our house, then we’d pick Feliway there, too. 

If we didn’t want the hassle or expense of changing the diffuser so often, then we’d pick Comfort Zone.  Equally, the money-back guarantee is a nice touch suggesting confidence in their own product that could edge it past Feliway.  Comfort Zone is also less expensive, too, and if you’re on a budget then it could be the only financially realistic choice.

We’d suggest reading some of the reviews on Amazon for both brands.  If you have the chance to speak to a veterinarian or trusted professional for their opinion, then that’s valuable advice.  Some people swear by Feliway. Some people swear by Comfort Zone. Some say both work just as well as the other. Others say neither product works. 

One thing we would say, is that if you’re struggling to cope with aggressive behaviour from your cat or if your house smells like a litter box or if your furniture is being shredded or if your cat hates car rides to the extent it makes them start panting whenever they get into the vehicle — then synthetic pheromones have to be worth a shot, right? 

2 thoughts on “Feliway Vs Comfort Zone”

  1. Thank you for the information. Question: I have 3 cats. One is easily frightened. I cannot find a calming collar for the scaredy cat that does not have essential oils (bad for cats) so I am thinking of a spray for a few areas of the house where she can fee secure. By water bowls, cat tree, food dishes, window. Sounds like either the Feliway or Comfort Zone spray would work equally well. Or do you know of a calming collar without essential oils that works?

    Also, another question: I’ve read the reviews on Amazon. You say Feliway has more positive reviews. Is that by percentage of reviews? Or just by the number of reviews.I believed there are more positive reviews for Feliway because it is better known and has more total reviews than Comfort Zone. Am I wrong?

    1. Hi Pat!

      Thanks for the message 🙂

      I’ve just written a post about collars for cats. As far as I can tell the Comfort Zone Calming Collar doesn’t have essential oils. Try this link to take a look on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2zdNdFk

      It might be worth double checking but someone in the Q&A section said that it doesn’t smell of anything and there’s no mention of any other ingredients so I’d take it that it’s a pheromone collar rather than ones with essential oils.

      Using a spray is a good idea on bedding and around the house etc and should help her feel more secure. The plug-in diffuser has quite a good range if there are particular spots that she’s bothered by but the spray will be cheaper and a good way of testing whether she responds to pheromones or not.

      Feliway seems to be the more popular but you could be right in that it’s probably a more well known name. I wrote this post a while back and will probably update it as I think Comfort Zone is equally as good. It’ll just depend on your preference for the brand.

      Hope that helps and good luck with it 🙂 x

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