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Buying an Extra-Large Pet Carrier on Wheels

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A good friend recently asked for advice on buying an extra-large pet carrier on wheels. She was actually shopping for a dog, but we were happy to help. After all, cat owners might need extra-large carriers, too.

Only it turned out to be more difficult than we’d expected.

There wasn’t a huge deal of choice on Amazon for XL sizes. Some carriers were sold out entirely, others didn’t have great reviews or didn’t ship internationally.

But we did find some products on Amazon that we wanted to share.

Extra Large Carriers Suitable for Cats and Dogs

The extra-large carriers listed below are suitable for cats or dogs.  

Often the bigger crates are aimed at dog owners because (and we could be wrong…), you don’t have a domestic short hair the size of an Alsatian.

But all the carriers we’ve listed come in smaller sizes, too, so just click through to the product page on Amazon and then select the size you need.

Not all small and medium carriers come with wheels, though, so double check before purchasing.

If you are buying for a cat, then remember that cats often feel safer in smaller spaces. The temptation to give them extra room could cause them to become more anxious. Bigger isn’t always better for felines.

Interestingly, in the course of our research we found that cat owners sometimes use large and extra-large crates to travel with two cats in the carrier. Some cats do better with a littermate or companion in the crate with them rather than having each animal separate in their own box.

If your cats are nervous travellers, then buying a larger carrier could be an option (unless you’re flying with adult cats, of course).

You May Have to Consider More Than Just the Size

If you’re flying with a pet, then you’ll need to buy a carrier that conforms to the airline’s regulations. These rules are strict and inflexible.

Double check before you go as to the types of carrier you’ll need so that you’re not pulled up at the airport and told your animal can’t fly.  

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Think about the weight, too. 

The bigger the crate the heavier it’ll be even before you’ve put your pet inside. Having wheels will help make transporting them easier but consider any limitations you might have in lifting or carrying a larger carrier.

Buying a Pet Stroller

You might not even want a traditional pet carrier at all but a pet stroller so that you can enjoy taking your cat or dog outside and in the fresh air.

These are incredibly useful if you have an aged or disabled pet that can’t manage long walks anymore.

They’re useful, too, if your cat or dog is recovering from an operation or medical procedure.

We’ve certainly seen people pushing house cats in strollers, too, and it’s a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet without the risk of letting them loose in busy urban areas.

Sneaky peek – this is the stroller we’ve listed below: Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller, Push Button Zipperless Dual Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Pet Can Easily Walk in/Out, No Need to Lift Pet

Measuring Your Pet for a Carrier

You’ll need to measure the height and length of your dog or cat. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends measuring from the back of the neck where the collar sits to the end of the tail and then adding a few extra inches to that measurement.  Other websites recommend measuring from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. If you find that your pet is between sizes, the AKC recommend picking the larger size.  

Cats might be trickier to measure but the principle is the same: they should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in their carrier. A good rule of thumb is that the carrier should be one and a half times the size of your cat.

We’d recommend that anyone looking to buy an extra-large pet carrier on wheels should look at the reviews before purchasing. That’s the great thing about Amazon: previous customers can give you feedback on a product. Additionally, there’s a Question and Answer section which can be incredibly useful in helping to form an opinion on suitability.  You can also ask a question and get a reply.

We’ve also recently written a post for UK audiences, too: the best extra-large cat carrier on wheels for UK cats.

You’ll want to be sure not just of the size of the carrier but of how robust and durable it is. Genuine reviews can help you make an informed decision and should ensure you make the right choice.


SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

  • The extra-large size is for pets less than 32” L x 24” H in size.
  • The 4 wheels are detachable.
  • The range comes in multiple sizes from small up to extra-extra large so if the measurements don’t add up for this one, there’s other sizes to choose from.  Great if you have smaller cats.
  • 2 dishes, 4 live animal stickers and the nuts and bolts are included.
  • It has tie down holes for bungees which is required by airlines
  • Easy to assemble.
  • There are two handles on the top of the unit.
  • It’s made from sturdy and durable plastic.

Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller, Push Button Zipperless Dual Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Pet Can Easily Walk in/Out, No Need to Lift Pet

We LOVE pet strollers.

  • This one has a high customer rating on Amazon and is ideal for pets that need assistance on their walks.  Whether that’s because they’re disabled or elderly or because they’re not allowed outside.

  • There’s no zip; it’s a push button entry which means it’s really easy to get your pet in and out.
  • There’s front and rear-entry so it makes it easier for the animal to climb in and out of the stroller.  Something that injured or disabled pets will benefit from as there’s no turning around to get out.
  • You can alter the push handle for your own comfort
  • There’s a mesh zipper on the top so your pet can stick its head out if it wants to.
  • These strollers are roomy, meaning your pet will be super comfortable but its also ideal for multiple cats or smaller dogs.
  • It folds flat quickly and doesn’t take up much room.
  • The front wheel is fixed but can swivel 360 degrees.

If you’re in Europe, then there’s the…

Karlie Transport Box – In Accordance with IATA Requirements for Transportation of Live Animals

  • Lighter to carry than other pet carriers
  • You can separate the top and bottom sections and store one inside the other which saves space when the carrier isn’t being used.
  • It comes in a range of other sizes, too.
  • The XL carrier has wheels with brakes but this may not be the case with smaller sizes.

Not seeing something you like?

There’s always the option to buy a flatbed trolley like this one

You could transport an extra-large pet carrier without wheels on one quite easily, just remember to make sure the carrier is secure before wheeling it around.

Obviously, this won’t help if you’re traveling by plane (although, it could help you get your pet to the airport check-in desk), but if you’re using an extra-large pet carrier to move house, to show your pets at an event or for a simple A to B journey in a car, then it could be a better option than buying a whole new carrier.

Flatbeds like the one above easily fold down and be stored with little space.

Here’s another flatbed trolley you could use, too.

Some larger dog cages come with castors which could be worth considering especially if you’re looking at buying a cage or crate anyway.

We hope you’ve found the list useful.

It’s worth checking in with Amazon on extra-large carriers after this post has been published because some of the items may now be back in stock.

We haven’t included then because sometimes it can be months until a product becomes available again.  We know how annoying it is to see things listed that are permanently out-of-stock.

If we’ve missed a carrier that you’re really happy with, drop us a message 😊

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