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What’s the Best Extra Large Cat Carrier for UK Cats?

For those of us with smaller cats, it’s easy to forget that there are domestic breeds that take up almost as much room in the home and the car as they do in our hearts.


For example, adult male Maine Coons can weigh between 15 and 25 pounds and grow to be 40cms long.

Big cats need bigger carriers, and you may need to buy an extra-large one to fit your handsome boy or gorgeous girl inside.




And okay, so shopping for cat carriers isn’t the most exciting way to spend a morning or afternoon but it is important to get the right one for you and your pet.

There’s no end of choice for small and mid-size cats but it can be a little trickier to find one suitable for bigger pets.  We wanted to see what the best extra large cat carrier for UK cats are and to provide some pros and cons for each as well as suitable links for you to research further or go ahead and buy. 

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Based outside the UK?  Click the link and if the product is available where you live, it’ll take you to your local page.


We’ve also written previous posts geared more to the US market:  Buying an extra-large pet carrier on wheels and what’s the best cat carrier for Maine Coons that you may find useful. 

  • It’s important with large cats that you measure and weigh them before buying. The manufacturer might have a different opinion about what large or extra-large actually is.  Going by your own measurements and comparing these to each individual product means you’re more likely to pick the most suitably sized carrier.


  • With larger cats, weight can play a big role, too, so always check that your cat is within the maximum weight capacity listed.


  • Soft-sided carriers can dip if there’s a heavy weight inside.  Look for a solid board in the middle or check the product reviews to see what people are saying about supporting the cat’s weight.


  • You need to think about yourself when picking a cat carrier, too.  Some hard-sided ones are heavy before you’ve even put the cat inside.  Don’t be afraid of exploring less traditional options like a backpack or carriers on wheels if you’re prone to shoulder or back pain.

  • If you’re traveling with your cat on a plane, then always double-check the sizing requirements before you fly as large carriers may need a collapsible frame to fit under the seat. 
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This comes in 7 different sizes so you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for your cat. 

Karlie Transport Box - in Accordance with IATA Requirements for Transportation of Live Animals
  • Plastic transport box for dogs. Roomy, very robust and light box with handle, metal door (changeable door hinge) and water bowl.
  • Upper and lower parts can be stored inside each other. The two halves are attached to each other with 5 sturdy and lockable hinges.
  • Necessary safety screws for travel in train or plane (thumbscrews - no tools necessary) are included.

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This comes in 7 different sizes so you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for your cat. 

  • Top and bottom sections can be unscrewed and stacked on in the other for easier storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Approved by all European airlines (but we always recommend checking).


Strong and secure carrier

Suitable for in-hold airline travel

Take your pick of sizes – even for extra-large cats


Make sure you measure your cat and pick the correct size.  These pet carriers are also designed for dogs so the sizes are bigger than you might expect for small, medium and large, etc. 

We really like this carrier because it’s sturdy, robust and durable BUT the sizes are going to come up big. If you think you need an extra-large cat carrier, check the dimensions first because it might actually work out as a medium or large.


This is super spacious for most cats.  As with the previous carrier, it’s important to measure your cat as some of these extra-large carriers may be too big even for big cats.  You can always click the next size down.

Extra-Large Pet Carrier Crate with Reversible Fleece Mat
  • Adapt to different weather conditions with the equipped reversible fleece mat, designed to cool in the summer and provide warmth in the winter
  • Guarantee stability with the robust steel frame design
  • Store easily thanks to this pet carrier’s fold down feature
  • Allow your pet ease of access with the roll up zipped entrance
  • Maintain the carrier’s cleanliness with ease as the base is washable and the cover is water-resistant (also washable)

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This is great if you’re short on space as it’s fold down frame means it can be hidden away until you need it. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Can be folded down when you don’t need it
  • Easy access for the cat
  • Two pouches to store paperwork or treats
  • Strong design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Great for car trips as you can fit it via the seatbelt to the rear seat
  • Comes in three sizes


Very spacious

Easy to carry

Great for car trips

Easy to store


Not suitable from aggressive or difficult cats due to fabric and mesh

This is a roomy and comfortable carrier for big cats but it would also be suitable for smaller cats who like to travel together.  

We’re big fans of SturdiBags and they’re great for anyone who needs to be able to carry their cat on their shoulder. 


STURDI PRODUCTS SturdiBag Double Sided Divided Pet Carrier, X-Large, Smoke
  • Durable 600 denier Polyester
  • Adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap and leather hand grip
  • Retractable privacy flaps on all mesh windows
  • Seatbelt safety straps
  • Feather light construction

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You can divide this carrier into two parts to transport two smaller cats if you need to. 

  • Comfortable carrying strap with leather handle
  • Mesh windows can be covered over
  • Great for traveling in the car
  • Carries up to 50 pounds (22.6kg)


Smaller interior suits most cats

Not as bulky as other carriers

Attractive design

Divider means this carrier has real versatility


More expensive than other carriers

We really like how this is an extra large cat carrier but it has a really cosy interior to help keep cats calm and comfortable. 

This is more of a crate than a carrier but it works for some owners with large cats. 

This carrier has front and side-entrances for easy access

  • Durable metal wire construction
  • Good visibility of your pet at all time
  • Good ventilation
  • Can be divided into two sections
  • Range of sizes to pick from
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Folds flat to store easily


Spacious carrier for bigger cat

Secure and safe space for aggressive cats

Easy to carry

Can be used as part of crate training



You’ll need to add a fleece blanket or bed to make it comfortable

You may not have considered buying a crate but it’s always useful to think beyond traditional carriers. We’ve written a post before on crating a cat which includes some examples to buy. It’s always going to be tough with extra-large carriers so a cage or crate is a good way of expanding your search range. 

What’s the best size carrier for a cat?

Generally, a cat carrier should be around 1.5 times the size of your cat.  The cat should be able to stand up, lie down and turn comfortably. You should measure from nose to tail and from the paws up.  Take into consideration how wide your cat is if they’re larger.  For medium to large cats, you should always check the maximum weight capacity, too.

How do you get a cat to like a carrier?

You need to make the carrier a familiar space.  Often, we only bring it out when there’s a need to visit a vet which creates bad feelings.  Put the carrier out in your home with the door open so the cat can get used to and (hopefully) start to explore it and place familiar smelling bedding and favourite toys inside, too. You might also like to leave some treats to encourage the cat to go inside but don’t force it. This may take time but it’ll be worth it.  You can also buy cat calming sprays that use synthetic pheromones to help reduce stress and tension.  Follow this link to Amazon if you want to find out more about Feliway cat calming spray

Why does my cat poop in its carrier?

Unless it has a bad stomach from illness, your cat will be pooping because it’s frightened or anxious.  Getting it used to its carrier is key to reduce the fear that’s encouraging it to defecate inside. 

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