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Some cats hate car rides, and it’s no secret that many don’t like traditional carriers, either. Our pets can’t understand that the box we’re putting them inside is designed to keep them safe and secure during travel. If you’re looking for a cat car barrier, then it’s probably because your pet isn’t getting on very well with a regular hard or soft carrier. 

It’s actually fairly common, as cats are territorial animals by nature and carriers and vehicles are strange and unfamiliar spaces. Not to mention the fact that most cats only get into a carrier and then into a car when they’re going to the veterinarian or to a boarding cattery, and they may not have pleasant memories associated with either one. It’s no fun watching a cat becoming vocal or panting in the car because it’s distressed. 

Some owners look for alternatives to the traditional carrier or basket, and one option is using a cat car barrier. This gives your pet more space to sit and walk inside the car. One thing we will say is those car barriers aren’t always ideal for cats. They’re often designed more for dogs and are made from mesh and can be torn. They also may not provide adequate protection for your pet in the event of an accident. They do work for some owners, however, which is why we’re listing some of the most popular ones here today. 

What is a Cat Carrier Barrier?

A cat car barrier is a mesh divider that stretches across the car’s interior, separating the driver and front seat passenger from the cat in the rear. Owners use it to allow their pets to wander freely without being secured inside a more traditional (and therefore smaller) carrier.

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Pet Barrier

They may not be suitable for all cats if your cat is prone to clawing or chewing when anxious (or when curious), then there’s the chance it could tear through the netting. 

You’ll need to measure the inside of your car to make sure the netting fits correctly. Car pet barriers are sold in different sizes to accommodate different vehicles, so always double-check.  The best pet barrier for an SUV will obviously be different to one designed for a Prius.

When fitting the barrier, you should also look out for any gaps where a cat could slip through. If your cat is anything like ours, then it’ll be a natural escape artist. 

Always double-check it’s secure before starting your journey.

Having a loose cat in the car without a barrier is dangerous and, in some states, illegal.  Cats have been known to get under pedals and distract drivers causing accidents and fatalities.

You should lock your rear doors so that the cat can’t escape if one opens.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve only listed pet barriers that have been used for cats. There is a considerable crossover with the dog market, but not all dog-designed barriers will also be suitable for cats. 

There have been changes to the availability of some of the mesh car barriers since this post was first written. We’ve updated some of the products to reflect this and included a few products which may be a suitable alternative to the traditional carrier. And we’d also recommend reading the Q&A section on the product page and the reviews. 


Bushwhacker – Deluxe Dog Barrier 50″ Wide

We wanted to show this first because it’s a typical example of a car pet barrier; it’s been designed for dogs, but some reviewers have successfully used it for cats. It seems to depend on how active your cats are because some people have said there are gaps at the side that a cat could climb around. If you do buy it, then be aware you may have to make some adjustments along the sides. 

If you do buy it, you may have to make some adjustments to any gaps along the sides. It might be a good option for cats that are used to traveling in vehicles and can be trusted to sit quietly in the back.

Deluxe Dog Barrier 50" Wide Ideal for Smaller Cars Trucks and SUV CUV Pet Restraint Car Backseat Divider Vehicle Gate Cargo Area Travel Mesh Net Screen Shield Behind Front Rear Seats Headrest
  • Barrier is made with scratch and tear resistant pet screen. All mesh design allows rear AC/heater vents to flow through barrier.
  • Half inch light weight metal tubing maintains barriers shape and prevents dogs from squeezing over, under, or around barrier.
  • Attaches to front seat headrest and either the seat belt mount or around car seat frame.
  • Dimensions: 50" x 32" tapering to 42" at the top. Ideal for mid-sized sedans, small trucks and small SUV's. Not large enough consider our 56 inch model.
  • Refer to last image for detailed dimensions. To determine if it will fit measure the width of your vehicles interior just below the headrests. If the width is more then 50 inches it will fit. Refer to last image for complete dimensions.

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One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel

This carrier can be used as a double or a single large one. The central zip lets you choose whether to have it divided or not. There’s also a hook to attach it to the seatbelt for added security and safety. Living in an apartment or a small house?
This one is lightweight, and it folds flat in seconds, making it easier to store if you’re low on space. It even comes with a carry case. Two washable mats are included, and you can even buy an optional hammock for added comfort. What’s great about this one is that it’s not only for the car. You can use it like a regular cat carrier too.

We’ve listed it here because it has the additional room that a cat might need, but it’s still secured in an enclosed space to prevent any escape attempts. Another benefit of looking at a larger carrier as opposed to a pet barrier is that you don’t need to worry about measuring your car to see if it will fit.

One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel/Shelter, Fabric, Black/Royal Blue 20"x20"x39" - Car Seat-Belt Fixture Included (Black)
  • Travel Carrier: Built-in straps that allow safe connection to a seatbelt; Easy to set up and fold flat in seconds; Pad cover is removable and washable
  • Cat Travel Carrier: Pet carrier/dog carrier with multiple entrances; Interior hooks for hanging the hammock (Hammock is optional); Comes with an individual carry case for easy storage
  • Three ways to use the Double Kennel: 1) Use as two connected but divided compartments; 2) Use as one big space by unzipping the center zipper which divides the walls; 3) Detach the Double Kennel into two Single Kennels
  • Lightweight Travel Carrier: Lightweight and zippered mesh door in the front and at one or both ends. Size: Double: 20" x 20" x 39"
  • Dual Compartment Pet Kennel: Can be used as a pet kennel or pet cage indoors or outdoors

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Pet Travel Tube

This is a halfway house between a mesh cat barrier and a carrier. The cat has room to stand up and walk but is secure inside the netting. It is still mesh, however, so it probably won’t be suitable for cats that like to use their claws. Although, one reviewer said she’d used it to transport her cats, and there were no rips in the mesh. If you think your cat will be fine with it, then you can install it easily, and it folds flat. There’s a carry case included and straps to attach it to the seat belt. You can also velcro it down if you don’t need it across the whole backseat.

Pet Travel Tube Car Crate Kennel, Pet Containment Barrier Mesh Tube, Soft Pet Cage, One Large Size Fits All
  • First class travel accessory for all pets - Spacious - Comfortable - Safe - Easy to install and store - Folds flat
  • Storage carrying case included for convenient storage and transportation
  • Multipurpose - Car Use - Garage Crate - Indoor kennel - Dog House Cage
  • No more dog hair in the car - Water resistant material for easy clean up and washing process - No distractions while driving
  • Free returns money back satisfaction guaranteed

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Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier 

This is another example of a larger soft cat carrier that you could use in a car if you don’t want to use a mesh barrier. There are seatbelt loops for securing it inside your car for safety.

Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier Soft Sided Folding Small Medium Dog Pet Carrier 24"x16.5"x16" Travel Collapsible Ventilated Comfortable Design Portable Vehicle (Grey)
  • EXTRA LARGE COMFORTABLE PET CARRIERS- Perfect for Medium to Large Cats or up to Mediumdog . Measures approximately 24x16.5x16 inches. Hold pets up to 55 pounds.Fit dog soft-sided carriers
  • STURDY & COLLAPSIBLE STRUCTURE- The inner part is steel support structure. And the steel support is foldable.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY- This pet carriers is made from Oxford fabric that is wear resistant and easy to clean. And nylon mesh is resistant to tearing and ventilated.
  • SAFETY DESIGN- There are 3 locking zippers for the 3 accesses to prevent pets from opening and one clip inside for additional security.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN- There are 3 access for pets, top and front. Besides, the fleece pet bed is machine washable.

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PETTOM Pet Car Booster Seat 

Here’s another alternative to a mesh barrier. A cat car seat that’s a carrier but with a zip at the top that can be undone, so the cat is able to have its head out. There’s a safety lead included so you can attach it to your cat to stop them jumping out, so there’s at least still some level of security and it secures around the headrest. If you’re interested in finding out more about booster seats, we’ve written a previous post about cat car seats that you may find useful.

PETTOM Dog Car Seat Pet Car Booster Seat Carrier Airline Approved for Dog Cat Puppy Small Animal Travel Cage (Gray-1, Small-Hold Pet up to 13lb)
  • 【Product Dimensions】15 L x 12.5 W x 9.5 H in, the dog car seats for small dogs are great to take your furry friend with you on the road. Recommended for dogs up to 15 lbs. Suitable for the front or back seat of cars, SUVs, trucks, and keeps your pet safe and secure when driving
  • 【Secure Fixed & Safe for Pets】The interior of the dog car seat is designed with a safety belt lanyard that can be hooked with the dog vest safety belt to prevent active dogs from jumping out of the car and ensure the safety of the baby during car travel
  • 【Breathable Travel Crate】Top mesh parts is designed as zipper doors for pets to walk in or jump out. 4 smaller pouch is an ideal space to store dog's food, pet toys, tissues and other pet supplies. The 3-sided mesh fabric on pet dog car seat provide a good air circulation and excellent scene outside the window
  • 【Easy to Install & Fold】The dog car carrier is easy to install, it has adjustable hang webbing and buckles that can be easily installed on the front and back seats to secure the seat in place. Folds for storage and has a waterproof construction to protect your car from dirt, dander and spills. Comes with a washable and reusable pet pee pad on the bottom to keep the seat clean and fresh at all times
  • 【Durable and Long-lasting】The dog booster seat is made with durable 6000D high grade polyester for a long-lasting experience, keep the pet seats in shape any time, not only ensure pet’s safety but also provide a roomy and comfortable shelter for furry babies when riding on car

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We hoped you’ve found this article useful. We’d just like to reiterate that a cat car barrier may not be the best way to transport a cat in a vehicle, primarily because most barriers are mesh and designed for dogs. You will find people who have successfully used them, however, so it’s worth doing your research. We’ve written several articles about the different types of cat carriers which you may find useful. There are plenty of options now, so don’t think you have to choose between a regular hard carrier or a mesh barrier.

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