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5 Cheap Outdoor Cat Houses for Sale

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Most cats enjoy being outdoors.

Ours likes exploring her territory. Walking the fences between houses, chasing off the wild birds at the feeder and sunning her little potbelly in the sunshine.

Staying active and curious is important to cats, but so too is having a safe and sheltered place to rest and relax.

Of course, some cats don’t have the luxury of coming inside. Feral cats, for example, and strays relying on the kindness (or carelessness) of strangers may seek out the garages, crawlspaces, porches and gardens of potential guardians when they need to get out of the weather or from other animals and predators.

Perhaps there’s nothing suitable or safe in your garden, and you’re looking for an inexpensive way create a comfortable spot for them to retreat inside.

Cheap outdoor cat houses are one way of providing shelter to outdoor cats.

Some are simple plastic boxes. Others are more ornate, resembling a child’s playhouse. Some are expensive. That’s fine. How much you’re willing to spend is up to you. Cheaper isn’t always better.

We’re naturally cautious with buying things like this because our cats often seems to enjoy the cheap cardboard packaging of a new toy or bed than the product itself. We don’t mind spending money on her, but she seems so easily satisfied that it can feel a little pointless.

There’s a fair amount of choice and plenty of cheap outdoor cat houses for sale online, but not all will be suitable for the cats in your life.  We’re listing 5 popular ones sold on Amazon. At the very bottom of this post, we’ll also show some of the more expensive products for comparison.

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How to Choose the Best Cheap Outdoor Cat Houses

Asking yourself some questions can help you to focus on what features and benefits are important when picking your outdoor cat house.

  • Do you need the shelter for extreme weather conditions or everyday precipitation and sunshine?
  • Does it need to offer practical protection or is it just a bit of fun?
  • How many cats do you think will be using it at once?

  • Are there predators or other animals to worry about?

  • What’s your budget? Cheap means different things to different people.

  • Who’s the house for? A much-loved and well-balanced domestic cat that you own or a feisty stray or skittish pregnant feral?

  • Measure the height of the cat to ensure it will fit inside comfortably and then compare the measurements to the products dimensions. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s sizing alone as what they consider to be small, medium or large may not match the reality. For strays and ferals, use a tape measure to map out the house’s length, width and height and then use your best judgement. Cats do tend to prefer smaller spaces so don’t always assume you have to buy them a much bigger house.

  • Some cat houses have multiple entrances. One entrance means a predator is less likely to sneak up on a cat, but it also means there’s only one way out. Cats like having the option to flee and a single exit may put some off from entering.

  • Think about the types of weather the house will have to withstand. Some are not suitable for heavy rain or snowfall. Others may have an open front which will make it easier for cold air to get in.  

  • Not all outdoor houses are suitable for the great outdoors. You should always read the product’s guide. Some are classed as outdoor but may actually be designed for under a porch or inside a garage.

  • Most houses are self-assembly. Some are easier to build than others. Reading the reviews is one way of getting a better idea of what level of effort and which tools you’ll need to put it together.

  • If you need the house to be durable under certain weather conditions, check the components and the materials used. Read the reviews, too. You can’t trust everyone to give an honest appraisal but read enough and you’ll spot common themes which will help you may a more rounded decision. If build quality is important, you may need to up your budget from cheap outdoor cat houses to something more durable.

  • Check to see how easily each one is to clean. The insides will need brushing out and the exterior wiped down. Some let you lift the roof off or slide away the floor panel for easy access.  Others may be more restrictive.  

  • Some cats need some encouragement to get inside. You might want to encourage them with some treats inside or a familiar smelling item. You could even spray a synthetic pheromone spray like Feliway or Thunderease to help them recognise the space as being safe. Don’t give up straight away if your cat doesn’t take to its outdoor cat house, they’re stubborn creatures.

How we choose the 5 outdoor cat houses…

We’ve selected some of the best-rated cheap outdoor cat houses available on Amazon.

Your budget may dictate which ones are more relevant than others, but we’ve tried to list a good mix of options. We’ll add a selection of cat houses that didn’t make our list at the bottom of the post in case there’s something more to your liking. We always recommend reading the reviews as genuine customers can give you a real insight into a products suitability. Often, they include videos and photographs along with their star rating, too.

PETYELLA Heated cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter

PETYELLA Weatherproof Heated Cat House for Outdoor Cats in Winter - Easy to Assemble Outdoor Heated Cat House
  • ✅ The best cat house on the block! Our heated cat houses for outdoor cats tops the charts in quality, beauty, and innovation. It makes a great water resistant shelter for all cats and dogs under 25 pounds.
  • ✅ Help in the humane effort. Even with their thickened fur coats, feral and stray cats need a warm and insulated shelter to sleep at night. You can feel great knowing you are providing a heated cat bed.
  • ✅ The perfect gift for cat lovers! Do you know someone that loves cats? Our outdoor cat shelter makes a thoughtful & unique gift! It can be used in barns, porches, garages, or balconies!
  • ✅ Keep your cats warm & dry: the house comes with a heated pet mat with 1m chew proof cord and 4m extension cord. A plug in timer is also added so you can save time and money. When weather turning colder at night, your cat will love the benefits of having a heated shelter to snuggle up in during the chilly fall and winter months.
  • ✅ Enjoy our 100% “cozy cat” guarantee— our premium heated cat houses come with everything you need to protect your cute cat from the elements. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, we will provide you with a full refund! ❗warning do not put the house under the stars - rain will get through the opening flaps!❗

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Best for: Outdoor cats who can’t be brought inside during the dry and colder nights or for those cats who prefer sleeping in garages or barns BUT This cat house shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. It’s designed for use in garages and sheds or outdoors when it’s not raining or snowing.

This is a very cute little house that will brighten up any garden.  It’s heated, too, so is ideal when the temperature is set to drop. Unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof so it needs to be kept underneath overhands, in garages or barns or brought inside when the weather gets wet.  Some customers have set it onto cinderblocks to keep it off the floor which will make it warmer and protect the bottom from the cold ground.

This is cheaper than many of its competitors so it’s a budget-friendly option for anyone taking care of strays or ferals in more temperate areas.  It’s super-easy to assemble as well as it uses Velcro strips.

There are three designs to pick from including, “modern cabin”, “cottage charm”, and “American classic”.


Product Dimensions : 
17.3 x 13 x 17 inches; 6.7 Pounds

Manufacturer: FXswede AB

Its heated pet mat warms up to between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. 

The bottom is waterproof

The roof is water-resistant rather than waterproof. This is important as it means that a slight sprinkling of rain is fine but that it’s not suitable to use during persistent or heavy rain and snow.

The mat is made from padded fabric for comfort and will help maximise the cat’s bodyheat.

The safety strap keeps it secured

There’s a front and back entrance.

The door flaps can be removed if necessary.


It’s made from padded fabric which means no sharp corners for the cat to hurt itself on. This also helps to make it more comfortable especially with the padded mat.

The warming pad means it’ll keep stray and feral cats warm even when the temperature dips outside.

The timer means you don’t have to leave the warming blanket on all day or night – just when its needed.

There is a two-way entry and exit which some cats will prefer. It helps them escape from predators if necessary. Both doors are covered by door flaps to keep the cold out but can be removed if necessary.

It’s very easy to assemble and can be done in four easy steps by using the Velcro strips along each corner.

Customers on Amazon have praised the seller’s customer service and problem-solving skills when dealing with any issues.

You can also buy this house in other designs so you can have a nice set of three houses together if you need to buy multiples.


The biggest problem is that this isn’t suitable for being outside in the wet weather unless it’s protected from the elements.  This is frustrating as that’s often why owners and guardians want outdoor cat houses. If you do have a place where it can be sheltered or if you live somewhere without much rain and snow, then this won’t be so much of a problem,

This does come up a little small, but if you measure your cat first then you can compare these numbers to the product dimensions.  This may be difficult for strays or ferals that you can’t get close too but perhaps measure out the sizing and then see if you think the cat would fit.  It is worth mentioning however, that most cats prefer smaller spaces to sleep and this will also help keep them  warm.

If you’re buying for multiple large cats then you may need more than one.

The timer is only suitable for indoor use which is frustrating.  You’d need to buy an outdoor timer for it to go outside. You could always heat it up inside and then take it out.  Or keep the bed in a shed or garage and away from the elements.

We do like this cat house but it’s a bit frustrating that it’s not 100% outdoor ready.  That being said, there are over a thousand reviews on Amazon with the vast majority very happy with the purchase.  Most seem to use it for strays and ferals and that’s really heart-warming to see so many people helping out vulnerable cats.


Rockever Cat House Outside, Feral Cat House Outdoor Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch Small, Wooden Small Pet House and Habitats
  • 【Fit small animals only】 Fit one fat cat and two small to medium size cats/rabbits. Please check the photo for more size details.
  • 【Easy to clean】: It's easy to gain access to the inside by opening the roof and the bottom floor can be removed for daily cleaning.
  • 【Protect your pets against bad weather】: The wooden small animal house is leak proof and the bottom floor is elevated, the roof is slanted so rainfall will not sit on top. It will survive in heavy rain/snow to keep your pet warm and dry inside.
  • 【Pet friendly design】: The bottom slab gaps allow for proper ventilation with the door closed. Door opens as a slope for reptile amphibian conveniently move in or out.
  • 【Easy to assemble】 With all necessary parts included, the pet house can be easily assembled with pre-drilled holes. Once correctly assembled, the stable structure will never split or fall apart.

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Best For Small cats with owners that are looking for a discrete but cute outdoor house.

This is also designed for rabbits and small pets so it’s not very roomy. Although it will provide a nice shelter for your pet. This cat house is elevated off the ground and has a sloping roof to keep the rain off.

This is a small house that would easily blend into an attractive garden.  It’s also designed for rabbits and small pets so it’s not very roomy, but will provide a nice shelter for your pet.


Internal dimensions: 15″ in length 18″ in width and 10″ in height.

Outer dimensions: 16.5″ in length 20″in width and 17 in height.

Weight: 14.1 Pounds

It’s UV resistant, rainproof and anti-rot

Its metal support rod on a hinge allows the roof to be lifted up and down

It’s made from natural wood: cedar or fir

Both the bottom and the top open up

The door opens upwards as an access ramp and is secured on the front

The plastic flap on the door keeps heat inside

Its elevated bottom and sloping weather proof roof is designed to keep the bad weather out

It has adjustable feet to keep it off the ground

There’s a ventilation gap in the bottom

And it comes in blue, pink and grey


It’s easy to clean as both the top and the bottom of the house can be removed. 

The legs keep the house off the ground and the slanted roof means that rainwater is easily kept out. This will keep your pet dry and warm inside during poor weather conditions.

The secure latch means you can keep other animals out when your cat isn’t around to use it.

The pre-drilled holes mean it’s relatively easy to assemble

You can paint over the wood to brighten it up or pick from three colour choices: pink, blue and grey.

It’s compact but there’s enough space to add in bedding.

 It’s an attractive if a little plain house that will blend into the garden without taking up much space.


One of the biggest disadvantages is that this is compact. It’s not suitable for bigger cats There is a larger version made for cats specifically which you can find here:

Equally, this is probably only going to be suitable for one cat at a time.

There’s only one entrance and exit for the cat when the roof is down.  This will be too boxed-in for some cats who prefer two exits.

We really like how this is outdoor ready and that it’s sloping roof can stand up to the rain.  It’s not designed for large cats, however, so this wouldn’t work for Maine Coons.

Love’s Cabin Outdoor Cat House

Love's cabin Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof, Insulated Feral Cat House Outdoor for Winter, Waterproof Outside House for /Indoor Cats, Shelter with Removable Soft Cushion
  • Easy to Assemble & No Tool Needed: This collapsible outdoor cat house can be easily disassembled and installed in a matter of seconds. Only by the velcro to connect, no other tools needed. No matter where you set up your outdoor cat house (in the garden, in the barn, in the forecourt or in the house), it won't make any difference to your cat.
  • High Quality Oxford Material: The surface is made of high quality Oxford material, resistant to grip and wear, and the interior has a PU waterproof coating. Even if the surface of the house is wet, the rain does not penetrate into the house. The enclose space to make your cat feel comfortable and safe. With a removable comfortable sleeping mat inside for winter to make your cat feel warm and relax all day.
  • Best for Indoor or Outdoor Cats: This cat house can be used indoors or outdoors. It will provide your indoor cats a closed and warm environment, and also be used to decorate your room. In addition, there are many stray cats and dogs living outdoors. They may come to your home or garden to give them a little warmth. If you are a cat lover, this feral cat house can provide them with a warm and comfortable place to avoid the rain、wind and storm.
  • Tips: Although the cat house is weatherproof, wind and rain may come in through the door and wet the cat house. Please place the cat house in a slope or covered area, such as on steps, under eaves, or under other buildings.
  • Easy to Clean: If you want to clean this cat house, simply wipe the surface with a non-abrasive soap and warm water, then let it air dry. The internal removable mat can be machine washed and dried at low temperatures.

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Best for its super easy assembly

This is very affordable and the cheapest cat house that we have on this list. Its simple design will blend into the garden and keep your cat dry.

This comes with a soft and comfortable matt that fits into the bottom of the house and can be machine washed.


Dimensions: 13″x17″x16.25″

Weighs: 3.15 Pounds

Made from Oxford material

A removable and comfortable sleeping mat is included and can be machine washed. The mat is also non-slip.

Its suitable for cats up to 15 pounds

Has a waterproof base and roof

Its hook and eye fasteners allow for easy assembly


It’s very easy to set up – literally flatten the frame out, put up each wall, and add the roof.

The bottom and the roof are both waterproof so your cat will stay nice and dry no matter what’s going on with the weather.

A comfortable and soft cushion is included

We love that you can machine wash the cushion and that the exterior is easy to clean.


This is lightweight and we’d be worried about it in high winds.

It only has the one door.

This is the most affordable option on this list and could be a good shout if you’re on a budget and just need something simple. There’s space to add additional bedding and a food bowl, too.


ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter

Rockever Outdoor Cat House, Large Outdoor Houses for Feral Cats Wooden Outside Cat Shelter Weatherproof with Escape Door
  • Enough space for 3-4 cats under 15lbs: Outer dimension-36.2"X24.4"X20.8"(H*L*W),for more detailed size pls read our picture 2 carefully. 2-story outdoor cat house design, cats are lively and active. Compared with a single-storey cat house, it expands the cat's range of activities and saves more space for cat lovers
  • Easy to clean: Our outdoor cat house top floor can be pulled out for cleaning, the balcony and the floor belong to a whole, making it more stable, under floor is 2 parts, which can be assembled and disassembled within 1 minute for daily cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble: Outdoor cat house for feral cats equipped with instructions, each part is drilled, you just need to install it according to the steps. Once correctly assembled, the stable structure will never split or fall apart.
  • Windproof & Weaterproof: Rockever outdoor houses for feral cats with escape door, asphalt roof, door with pvc curtain and asphalt eave, all of these work well as weatherproofing, plastic feet cover avoid rain soaking to extend its life.
  • Professional Team: We are a professional cat house development team, all the cat house we sell have passed the test of our own cats first, after many tests and improvements, then sell them on amazon, aiming to serve more cat friends. If you are not satisfied, or even suggestions for improvement, please contact us attach the pictures in time, we will 100% provide solutions to you.

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Best for owners looking for a larger and more durable cat house

This is a very cute outdoor house and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of any visitors.  It looks like a chicken coop and comes in two varieties: one storey and two. We’ve listed a few smaller houses already in this we want to be fair to anyone with a larger cat or with multiple cats.

This is a waterproof and weatherproof cat house so unlike some cat houses, you can keep it outside throughout the year.


Dimensions: 34.8 x 22.6 x 8 inches;

Weighs: 36.6 Pounds

Recommended for 3-4 cats or 15 pounds or under

It has adjustable feet

It’s made from cedar wood

And is able to fit 3 (15lbs) or 4(10lbs) cats

Both the top and middle floors can be removed

The window is covered by acrylic plastic

2 mats are included

You have different color options to choose from.


You only need a screwdriver to assemble it which is good because we worried it would be a little complicated (given that it’s two levels).

It’s easy to clean because the middle and bottom floor are removable.

This has two entry points so the cat is able to escape from a predator

The asphalt on the roof will keep the rain off

There’s a balcony for your cat to poke its head out of

The windows are also covered with plastic but they’re transparent to allow the cat to see out, allow light in but to keep the heat in.

Being off the ground keeps the house dry and warm and makes it suitable for different types of terrain.

There are mats for your cats to sit on comfortably

Lots of indoor space means that cats can cuddle up together – ideal if you have more than one pet or if your looking after a family or group of strays or ferals.


Some reviewers have said that they’ve put the house under an overhang so that there’s some protection from the weather which should mean it lasts longer.

It’s more expensive that some of the other cat houses on this list.

We really like that this has space for more than one cat and that there’s more than one exit. Often in cheaper houses you lose those options which is one reason why we included this in our selection of cat houses.  Don’t forget that there’s also a smaller house in this same style.

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

Petsfit Cat House Outdoor Weatherproof,Feral Cat House Outdoor Indoor with Escape Door for Rabbits,Ferret,Guinea Pig,Dogs and Other Small Animals Red
  • Unique Triangular Design: This outdoor cat house weatherproof(20"L x20"W x23"H) features a distinctive triangular shape, adding a touch of style to your backyard or patio. The unique design stands out and provides a cozy shelter for your feline friend.
  • Windproof & Waterproof: our outdoor cat house not only features an escape door, but also comes with PVC curtains and asphalt roof for excellent wind and waterproof performance. Plastic foot covers on the bottom of the feral cat house prevent rainwater from soaking in, ensuring your cat stays safe and comfortable even in rain or snow.
  • Spacious and Comfortable: Despite its compact size, the triangular outside cat house offers ample space for your cat to relax and play. The interior is designed with a comfortable floor, providing a cozy spot for your furry friend to curl up and nap.
  • Easy Access and Cleaning: The bottom floor of the feral cat house is detachable, making it easy for daily cleaning.The outdoor cat house weatherproof triangular design also simplifies the cleaning process, making it easy to remove any debris or dirt that may accumulate inside.
  • Versatile Placement Options: This triangular outdoor cat house weatherproof is compact and eye-catching in design. Our cat house design is durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed not only in fields, courtyards, or porches, but also in indoor corners and walls.

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Best for cats that are more comfortable with two entrances.

This A-frame cat house looks a little different to the others on our list. It’s smaller than some of the others but it does have that secondary entrance which makes it suitable for feral cats who may need an additional exit. Its pitched roof will help keep the rain out.


External dimensions: 20″L x20″W x21″H. Internal dimensions:18″L x17″W x20″H. The front and back door: 7.8″Hx5.5″W

It fits 2 small cats or 1 adult cat up to 15 pounds

It has 2-ways in and out

And is made from Finnish spruce

It’s a sturdy A-frame

There are 2-removable floorboards for cleaning

It’s easy to assemble as holes have been pre-drilled in the wood

Asphalt awning over the doorway


It has room for bedding

Ventilation comes in through the rear exit door

The A-frame roof should help keep the rain out

It is an attractive design that would suit smaller gardens


The roof doesn’t open up so cleaning it out may be more difficult than some of the other options.

There’s no cover over the front door which means cooler air can flow in more freely.

The manufacturer recommends that you caulk the joints of the house if you live in areas where they’ll be a hard winter or lots of rain.

Dibea Lodge Cat House

dibea Lodge Cat House (Wood, 77 x 50 x 73 cm) with Terrace and Stairs
  • Stylish & cozy, Wooden cat house with veranda, dimensions 77 x 50 x 73 cm (30" x 21" x 29" inch), see sketch
  • A great view and cozy resting place - the lodge has a covered porch / terrace
  • Rain, Sun and wind protected - the roof is covered with asphalt mats. The door has PVC slats (easy entry and exit)
  • The wood is varnished with wood protection paint.
  • Easy self-assembly, assembly instructions are included

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This one is best for UK audiences. If you’re in the US and like the look of it, you can find something similar by following this link through to Amazon.

This has a terrace and stairs and will look so attractive and quirky in a garden or outdoor space. It’s also suitable for rabbits, too. It would be the perfect place for any cat to do some sunbathing on the hot days or to curl up inside when it’s cooler.

One thing we’d suggest is look at the sizing dimensions that we’ve included below as some reviewers are saying that it was smaller than they’d imagined.


Dimensions: 77 x 50 x 73 cm (30″ x 21″ x 29″ inch),

Weighs 11 Kilograms

Asphalt slats on the roof to keep the rain out

It’s been varnished to protect the house from the elements but you could also add your own wood stain or varnish to keep it fresh and protected.

There’s an inside space for the cat to get inside and then over the top is a terrace that’s accessible by a ladder.


This is a very cute little house and would look adorable in the garden. It will be a real talking point for any visitors that you have coming to the house.

It’s small enough to fit a balcony or tiny yard.

It’s easy to assemble

And easy to vacuum out so there are no stresses about cleaning.


Not suitable for big cats so check the internal and external dimensions before buying.

A few reviewers have said that their cats are a little unsure about the bottom section as they need to go through the flap. If your cat isn’t used to using a cat flap then you may need to tempt them in with some treats or consider removing the flap entirely.

Additional Cat House Options

We hope you’ve found this list helpful 🙂

At the very least, we hope that it’s given you some ideas about the types of things that are available online. And in case you haven’t seen any cheap outdoor cat houses that you liked, we’ll add a selection of other products on Amazon that may be closer to what you’re looking for.

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