Cat Tents for the Outside

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We’re big fans of using cat tents for the outside. They’re a great way to introduce cats and kittens to the great outdoors (most likely your backyard or garden).

Some owners want to provide a secure and sheltered area for their outdoor pets whilst others may want to use a tent to give indoor cats a taste of the outside world.

We’ve created a shortlist of some of the best outdoor cat tents available online. We’ve also included a brief buyer’s guide as well as a short explanation on how we came to choose these products.

As always, we’re part of the Amazon Affiliate programme. If you make a purchase using one of our links, then we may make a small commission at no cost to you.

In a hurry? We’ll include a grid of all our selections below so you can jump straight into shopping.  Keep reading if you’d like to see each cat tent in more detail.  We’ve added a short pros and cons section to each one, too.

Quick Links to Our Cat Tents for the Outside Shortlist

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What to look for when buying a cat tent for the outside

  • If you’re planning on zipping your cat inside the tent, consider their personality first. Indoor cats that are easily anxious or that become aggressive may find a tent too stressful. Most tents are made from mesh. They might not stand-up to a sustained claw attack. Outdoor cat tents might not be suitable for your pet.

  • Check what the materials are made from.  Then look at the reviews and see what others are saying about the security and durability of zips and entrances.

  • How easy is the tent to store when not being used? Most tents are pop-up and include a storage bag. One that folds down quickly and easily will be easier to keep in the house when it’s not in use.

  • Most cat tents aren’t machine washable but you should at least be able to wipe it down.

  • Not all outdoor cat tents are waterproof or even water resistant. It might be worth adding puppy training pads to the base in the event of an accident.

  • See if the tent has the option to add a cover for shade or can it open out for more sunshine?

  • Measure your cat before buying a tent and then compare these measurements to the manufacturer’s dimensions. Don’t trust generic sizing – small, medium, and large – as these can vary between products. Checking through the reviews will that’s often one of the first things customers say if they’re unhappy with a product.

  • Cats generally prefer small spaces. Don’t always be tempted to go for the biggest if it isn’t warranted.  Although, if you’re adding in toys and blankets etc then you’ll need a larger space.

  • Check if there’s a carry case included. This makes it easier to store but it’s also easier to use if you’re traveling with your cat.

  • Cat tents for outdoor cats may not require a secure entrance.  After all, the cat can just stroll out when it feels like it.  Indoor cats will need a more robust tent and with a door that can be zipped or secured easily and quickly. If you’re looking for something a little more robust and designed for outside use in all weathers, we’ve recently written a post about cheap outdoor cat houses. These will be more suitable for anyone looking for a more permanent outdoor option.

Why We Listed these Outdoor Cat Tents

brown tabby cat
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We’ve picked a selection of tents that we think are worth considering. They’ve had the best reviews on Amazon or Chewy, and come with enough information and reviews for you to investigate further.

Some are more like cat playpens which pop-up and can be put into the garden.  Others are more like mesh tents.  Underneath our detailed selection, we’ll also add a selection of ones that we didn’t look too deeply into but which might be suitable for you.  Everyone’s idea of the perfect cat tent for the outdoors will be different. 

Hopefully, this post will give you something to think about even if you don’t end up making a purchase.  As with everything we buy online, it’s important to do your research before committing – especially when only the best will do for our cats!

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

This comes in three sizes so it’s great for larger cats as well as smaller ones. It comes with a free collapsible bowl and a carry case, too. We love that this pops up quickly, so there’s no need to assemble it.  It folds back down easily, too.

This has some great reviews. Some customers have included photographs in their reviews, too. We also love that they’ve included a few extra few bonuses (the bowl and the carrycase).

Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Pet Playpen | Premium Indoor/Outdoor Foldable Pen | Water-Resistant + UV Shade | Bonus: FREE Case & Travel Bowl
  • ★ Available in 3 Sizes Medium (29x29x17 inches Dogs up To 10LBS) Large (36x36x23 inches Dogs Up To 25 Lbs ) Extra Large (48x48x23.5 inches Dogs 50+ LBS
  • ★ BONUS INCLUDED! The Portable Pet Play Pen comes along with a convenient carry case and a collapsible 16 oz. food bowl. Ideal for Travel.
  • ★ SUPERIOR DESIGN Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Made from durable water-resistant materials. Removable zippered top can be removed easily removed for indoor use & closed for outdoor use to provide shade. Zippered door provides easy in/out access for your pet. Close the door to keep your pet safely inside.
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We’ve got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues with your pet grooming accessories and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your kit completely risk-free!

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  • Size: Medium (29″ x 29″ x 17″), large (36″ x 36″ x 23″), X-Large (48″ x 48″ x 23.5″)
  • It weighs 2.95 Pounds
  • 8-panel surround mesh design
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • There’s a secure zipper on the door and on the roof
  • Includes carry case and food bowl
  • Can be used inside or outdoors
  • Breathable mesh on the roof
  • Materials: 600D Nylon


  • Good airflow thanks to mesh surround.  Good for the warmer weather but also useful when the cat tent is outside in the warm weather.
  • The top can be completely unzipped if necessary.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry and to pack away when it’s not needed.
  • You can use this indoors as well as outdoors.
  • It has a bold and bright colour


  • The bottom isn’t waterproof which may be a problem if your cat goes to the bathroom.
  • It’s not suitable for washing machines. You’d have to spot-clean it.

PURR…FECT FENCE Purrfect Play Tent

This is one of the bigger tents. It’s also slightly more expensive than the previous tent we’ve listed and it looks more like a traditional tent than a playpen, too.

This cat tent for the outside benefits from having clear all around visibility.

Purrfect Play Tent - Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Cat and Small Pet Enclosure, Portable Pop Up Playpen, HD Screen Mesh and Weather Cover, 32 Square Foot Catio
  • ALL-PURPOSE, ALL-WEATHER PET TENT: This secure and stylish pet haven, complete with a carrying bag, zipper door, and stakes for securing to the ground, offers pets a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine while eliminating the risk of wandering off
  • SAFE FOR CLAWS AND PAWS: Offering UV-resistant double-stranded industrial fibers, 40 percent thicker than standard tent poles, and double the claw resistance of typical cat tents, our sturdy mesh playpen provides a safe and sturdy sanctuary for pets
  • PORTABLE WITH EASY SETUP: Enjoy hassle-free travel with our lightweight and easy-to-assemble tent featuring an adjustable and removable roll-up waterproof weather cover that can be used to block views or protect pets from rain, sun, or wind
  • 32 SQUARE FEET OF SPACE: Give pets the freedom to lounge, explore, and play on decks, camping trips, RV adventures, sporting events, poolside, balconies, parks, and beyond with our spacious 76-inch long x 62-inch wide x 40-inch tall catio
  • VERSATILE ENCLOSURE: An ideal solution for helping new pets acclimate to your home, caring for newborn kittens or puppies, or providing isolation for sick pets in need, meeting the demands of breeders, shelters, and adoption organizations

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  • Features:
  • 76” Long x 62” Wide x 40” Tall
  • Weighs 9.35 Pounds
  • Pop-up design
  • Fibreglass poles that extend in both directions
  • Flashset locking hub at the top of the tent sets up quickly and easily.
  • Storage bag included
  • Includes stakes to secure to the ground
  • Zipper door
  • Two round doors for getting in and out
  • Removable weather cover included for the rain or the sunshine


  • The poles are 40% thicker than rival brands which makes it a stronger more durable product.
  • The mesh is also sold as being 50% more claw resistant than other brands.
  • We love that this is larger than other cat tents. This gives owners with bigger cats (or with multiple cats) an affordable way to keep their cats outside.
  • The extra cover to protect the tent from the elements is a great addition.  The surrounding mesh that aids visibility, would be too vulnerable to the weather without it so it’s great to see this included.


  • It’s more expensive than other cat tents available. Although, it is bigger.
  • It’s great to see that this is made more with cats in mind. So often, outdoor tents are designed for dogs but the improved claw resistance will be being additional piece of mind for most owners.

XIRGS Small Animal Playpen

We’ve written about some of the larger tents.  This is one of the smaller ones so it’s ideal for kittens.

This can be folded down to fit inside the palm of your hand, so it’s great if you’re traveling or if you’re short on storage space in your home.

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  • Weight: 0.38KG
  • Diameter 9cm/ 3.5in Height:2.5cm/1in
  • After it’s been expanded length(115cm/45in) Width(60cm/23.6in) Height:(38cm/15in)
  • There’s a removable mesh top.
  • You can clearly see your pet inside for peace of mind
  • It’s waterproof
  • It has a storage bag

  • This is small enough to keep kittens safely together
  • Ideal for people with only limited space available as it folds down to almost nothing.
  • Its easy to clean and if your kittens use the bathroom inside, then the base is waterproof.


  • Only really suitable for kittens

Yolafe Dog Camping Tent

This is more like a camping tent for when you’re away, but there’s not to say you can’t put it in your yard.  We love the colour and that it’s easy to assemble.

We love that there are a lot of photographs left by reviewers.  This helped us get a better idea of what the tent looks like and how it can be used when you’re away.

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent Cave Bed Playpen Kennel with Innovative Instant Setup Centre Hub Design Ideal for Camping with Cats and Dogs, Blue
  • Convenient & Portable: Yolafe pet tent adopts cross brace construction providing quick easy set up, pack down and greater strength. This tent weight is just 5.7 LBS, very light.
  • Plenty of Space: Spacious dimension 43”*43”*32”, inner space 36”*36”*26”.
  • Exclusive Design: Innovative instant setup centre hub design for effortless setup and pack down. All sides mesh screens for plenty of ventilation.
  • Quality & Safety: Yolafe pet tent is made of 600D PU coating oxford cloth, so it has high tension, anti-claw scratch & bite, waterproof & damp proof. Single-sided double zippers can prevent your naughty pet from running out of tent when door is closed.
  • Stable & Sturdy: 190T PU coating can stand 1500mm of rainfall. Thick material—600D oxford cloth with mesh screen will ensure your pet will keep warm and cozy when camping, traveling, picnic, even rain outside.

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  • Unfolded Size: 43″ L *43″ W *32″ H
  • Fold Size: 7.1″ L *6.3″ W *28″ H
  • Package weight: 5.7 lbs
  • A PU coating can handle up to 1500mm of rainfall.
  • Thick material—600D oxford cloth with mesh screen
  • 3 mesh screens and 1 mesh door improve air flow.
  • It has single-sided double zippers
  • It has a cross-brace construction for security and stability
  • Includes a carry case


  • This comes in two colours: brown and blue
  • It’s a great way to go camping with your pet
  • It’s sturdier than many of the other outside cat tents we’ve covered in this list. It has pegs, too, to keep it on the ground.
  • It’s easy to put up
  • It’s waterproof so will keep the rain off
  • This has a very attractive design


  • It takes up more space than the other cat tents on this list

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