Where to Buy a Sleepypod

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You may already be familiar with the brand, so if you’re just looking for where to buy a Sleepypod then we won’t keep you reading.  If you’re not familiar with Sleepypod, then we’ll explain a little more below about what makes this carrier different to some of the others on the market. 

You can buy the Sleepypod mobile pet bed and pet carriers from the following places:

What is a Sleepypod?

The Sleepypod pet carrier costs more than other carriers you’ll see on Amazon and in pet stores. One of the reasons for this is that it’s actually three products in one: a pet bed, a pet carrier and a car seat.  It’s also one of the most attractive pet carriers that we’ve seen.

The Sleepypod isn’t what you’d expect.

It’s a long way off the plastic rectangular boxes that most of us associate with cat carriers.  It’s a lot prettier than most soft-sided fabric carriers and is actually a rather stylish bag.

Made from luggage grade material, the Sleepypod holds animals up to 15 pounds

Remove the dome, and you have a cat bed.  Zip it back on, attach the shoulder strap and it’s a carrier. If you’re travelling with a cat in the car, then you simply pass the seatbelt around its base and then under the carry handle and it’s a car seat. But there’s more to this carrier than just its attractive design. 

The Sleepypod has been crash-tested so in the event of an accident, it might just save your pet’s life. We’ve written before about how important it is to put your pet in a carrier when you’re traveling by car.  The temptation — especially for shorter journeys and with cats used to traveling this way —  can be to have the cat loose and unsecured inside the vehicle but this is dangerous for the driver, any passengers and especially for the cat. Even relatively minor accidents with no injuries to human passengers could be fatal for a cat. 

If you’re not certain that the Sleepypod is the best option for you and your animal, then there are other cat carriers for long car trips as well as a range of carriers for difficult cats.  These are all different sizes, made from different materials and are sold at different price points.  With a little bit of research, you’re sure to find something suitable. 

The Sleepypod comes in a wide range of colours available: pink, brown, strawberry and black among others.  It’s straightforward to keep clean, too, you just give it a quick touch with the vacuum or put it on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. The super-soft bedding inside is easy to remove and it’s machine-washable, too. The round shape allows your cat to lie in a more natural pose than can sometimes be the case with more rectangular boxes. 

There’s no assembly required, either.

Sleepypod Sizes

The Sleepypod is 43.2 x 33 cm or 17” x 13.5” with a maximum weight of 7kg or 15Ib

The Mini Sleepypod is 33  x 27.9 cm or 13” x 11” with a maximum weight capacity of around 3.2kg or 7Ib. 

The Sleepypod Air is 20-27cm x 56cm x 26-27cm (range is due to the carriers ability to compress down) or 8-10.5” x 22 x 10-10.5”

The Sleepypod Air is designed to be used in an aircraft cabin and is able to compress down to fit under the seat in front of you. It can hold cats up to 17.5Ib. 

You’ll often find the Sleepypod Air described as ‘airline approved’, but we’d always recommend double-checking travel requirements with your airline before you travel.  There’s no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to flying with pets and what’s fine with one airline won’t be fine with another, so it’s always worth confirming the rules before travel.  We advise that you do this with any pet carrier you take on board an aircraft regardless of whether you’ve flown with it before or whether it’s going in the cabin or hold. 

There’s no doubt that the Sleepypod is more expensive than your average pet carrier but it does offer a range of benefits that you won’t find among its competition. 

We love the fact that it’s three products in one and that it looks so stylish.  

What’s most important about the Sleepypod, however, is that it’s been crash-tested.  This will be a huge selling point for any owner who travels regularly with cats or small dogs. You can even watch the Sleepypod crash-test video on YouTube. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy a Sleepypod, then Amazon is always a solid bet.  Partly because it offers a wide range of reviews posted by genuine customers (often with accompanying photographs) discussing the pros and cons of products like the Sleepypod. It might give you a better understanding of whether it’s the right pet carrier for you and your cat. 

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