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Where to Buy a Sleepypod

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You can buy the Sleepypod mobile pet bed and pet carriers from Amazon

Sleepypod Mini for Pets Under 7 lbs (Olive Green)
  • Travel Friendly Design: Sleek and compact design allows for easy portability and travel.
  • Comfortable For Small Breeds: Specifically designed to accommodate pets under 7 lbs and small breeds.
  • Hand Washable: Care instructions are to hand wash only for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Standard Packaging: Comes in standard packaging for convenience and easy storage.
  • Olive Green Color: Sleek olive green color matches any home decor.
Sleepypod Air - Airline Approved Pet Carrier and Crash-Tested Car Seat for Cats and Dogs up to 18 lbs (Jet Black)
  • Airline Compliant & Space to Stretch: An innovative design provides the maximum amount of in-cabin space.
  • Crash-Tested Car Seat: Rigorously crash-tested at U.S., Canadian, and E.U. child safety standards, then independently tested & certified by the Center for Pet Safety.
  • Ample Air Flow & Easy Access: Mesh panels enable ample airflow on three sides. Quick access from top and side entry points.
  • Bed Away From Home: Ultra Plush bedding ensures a cozy space at home or on the road.
  • Less Travel Stress: Use as a napping spot before travels to reduce fear. A removable privacy panel blocks visual stressors. A stable base prevents pet from sagging when carried.

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Sleepypod Cat Harness

You can’t buy a Sleepypod cat harness on Amazon at the moment, but you can buy one on the Sleepypod website. 

Sleepypod Harness UK

Click the image on the right if you’re looking for a sleepypod harness in the UK.  This is a dog harness, but we’ve had a few dog owners asking about them, so we’ve included them just in case you accidently dropped onto our site.

Looking for a Leash?

You can buy a Sleepypod power lease too. This is added security and will mean you secure your cat inside the carrier. This is a good idea if you’re taking your cat somewhere busy, like a veterinarian’s office or a public transport terminal or an airport.

Power Leash – High Strength Leash for Medium to Large Dogs and Puppies (Medium, Brilliant Copper)
  • Built-in traffic handle
  • Waste bag slot
  • Utility ring for attaching keys or flashlight
  • Medium width withstands more than 1000 pounds of force; Large width withstands more than 1500 pounds of force
  • Tensile tested at an aeronautical laboratory to verify the strength

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What is a Sleepypod?

The Sleepypod pet carrier costs more than other carriers you’ll see on Amazon and in pet stores.

One of the reasons for this is that it’s actually three products in one: a pet bed, a pet carrier and a car seat.

It’s also one of the most attractive pet carriers that we’ve seen.

The Sleepypod isn’t what you’d expect.

It’s a long way off the plastic rectangular boxes that most of us associate with cat carriers.  It’s a lot prettier than most soft-sided fabric carriers and is actually a rather stylish bag.

Made from luggage-grade material, the Sleepypod holds animals up to 15 pounds.

Remove the dome, and you have a cat bed.

Zip it back on, attach the shoulder strap, and it’s a carrier. If you’re travelling with a cat in the car, then you simply pass the seatbelt around its base and then under the carry handle, and it’s a car seat.

But there’s more to this carrier than just its attractive design.

The Sleepypod has been crash-tested, so in the event of an accident, it might just save your pet’s life. We’ve written before about how important it is to put your pet in a carrier when you’re traveling by car.  The temptation — especially for shorter journeys and with cats used to traveling this way —  can be to have the cat loose and unsecured inside the vehicle, but this is dangerous for the driver, any passengers and especially for the cat.

Even relatively minor accidents with no injuries to human passengers could be fatal for a cat.

If you’re not certain that the Sleepypod is the best option for you and your animal, then there are other cat carriers for long car trips as well as a range of carriers for difficult cats.  These are all different sizes, made from different materials and are sold at different price points.  With a little bit of research, you’re sure to find something suitable.  We’ll add some affordable alternatives below, too.

The Sleepypod comes in a wide range of colours available: pink, brown, strawberry and black, among others.  It’s straightforward to keep clean, too, you just give it a quick touch with the vacuum or put it on a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

The super-soft bedding inside is easy to remove, and it’s machine-washable, too. The round shape allows your cat to lie in a more natural pose than can sometimes be the case with more rectangular boxes.

There’s no assembly required, either.

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Sleepypod Sizes

  • The Sleepypod is 43.2 x 33 cm or 17” x 13.5” with a maximum weight of 7kg or 15Ib
  • The Mini Sleepypod is 33  x 27.9 cm or 13” x 11” with a maximum weight capacity of around 3.2kg or 7Ib.
  • The Sleepypod Air is 20-27cm x 56cm x 26-27cm (range is due to the carriers ability to compress down) or 8-10.5” x 22 x 10-10.5”.

The Sleepypod Air is designed to be used in an aircraft cabin and is able to compress down to fit under the seat in front of you. It can hold cats up to 17.5Ib. 

You’ll often find the Sleepypod Air described as ‘airline approved’, but we’d always recommend double-checking travel requirements with your airline before you travel.  There’s no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to flying with pets, and what’s fine with one airline won’t be fine with another, so it’s always worth confirming the rules before travel.  We advise that you do this with any pet carrier you take on board an aircraft, regardless of whether you’ve flown with it before or whether it’s going in the cabin or hold.

There’s no doubt that the Sleepypod is more expensive than your average pet carrier, but it does offer a range of benefits that you won’t find among its competition.

We love the fact that it’s three products in one and that it looks so stylish.

What’s most important about the Sleepypod, however, is that it’s been crash-tested.  This will be a huge selling point for any owner who regularly travels with cats or small dogs. You can even watch the Sleepypod crash-test video on YouTube. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy a Sleepypod, then Amazon is always a solid bet.  Partly because it offers a wide range of reviews posted by genuine customers (often with accompanying photographs) discussing the pros and cons of products like the Sleepypod. It might give you a better understanding of whether it’s the right pet carrier for you and your cat.

Can you buy a Sleepypod Carrier in the UK?

Yes, you can.  You should be able to access your local Amazon store page by clicking the links above, but we’ll include UK links here, too.

Sleepypod UK products include pet bed and carrier, Sleepypod air in-cabin pet carrier, the Atom carrier, and the AI-VIO Air One. 

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Alternatives to the Sleepypod

If you’re not sure that a Sleepypod pet carrier is for you, then you’ll find plenty of other carriers that may be suitable. We’ll list them below.

petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier Bag for Medium Cats and Small Dogs. Airline Approved, Collapsible, Escape Proof and Auto-Safe. Easy to get cat in and Make Vet Visit Less Stressful
  • TOP LOAD soft cat carrier measures 17"L X 11"W X 11"H, recommended max load of 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  • ESCAPE PROOF, all zippers are anti-escape and has a leash hook inside
  • EASIER TO GET PET IN OR OUT. It's easier to load your pets into the petisfam than most other carriers because it has 1 top opening and 2 side doors
  • EASIER TO TRANSPORT, no matter by CAR or AIR. Luggage attachment and car seat belt straps included. Airline approved, conforms to under-seat dimensions of most airlines
  • EASIER TO CARRY and STORAGE. Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap; It's collapsible, just unzip it and fold it down into a flat package when not in use
petisfam Easy Load Soft Pet Carrier for Large and Medium Cats. Sturdy, Well-Ventilated, Collapsible for Easy Storage, Easy Vet Visits
  • Extra high and wide, that additional room makes it easy for the cat to turn around. Fits medium and large cats, and small dogs. Especially for cat parents who keep more than 2 cats
  • NO MORE BATTLES to Get CAT IN. Easy to load and unload the cat from the big full-sized top opening or front door. It zips up quickly enough to keep the cat in
  • EASY VET VISIT. Most of the check-ups can be done from the full-sized top opening without the cat having to come out of the carrier. Cats don’t like being taken out of their comfort zone
  • SAFE DRIVING. Easy to secure on the car seat firmly by a safety belt and shoulder strap to keep pets restrained for safety while driving and prevent pets to interfere with the driving and cause an accident
  • EASIER TO CARRY. 2 ways and only 2.38 lbs, doesn't add much to the carry weight when loaded, much lighter than the hard carrier. Easy to carry by one hand or on your shoulder with the adjustable strap to keep hands free
Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier Soft Sided Folding Small Medium Dog Pet Carrier 24"x16.5"x16" Travel Collapsible Ventilated Comfortable Design Portable Vehicle (Grey)
  • EXTRA LARGE COMFORTABLE PET CARRIERS- Perfect for Medium to Large Cats or up to Mediumdog . Measures approximately 24x16.5x16 inches. Hold pets up to 55 pounds.Fit dog soft-sided carriers
  • STURDY & COLLAPSIBLE STRUCTURE- The inner part is steel support structure. And the steel support is foldable.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY- This pet carriers is made from Oxford fabric that is wear resistant and easy to clean. And nylon mesh is resistant to tearing and ventilated.
  • SAFETY DESIGN- There are 3 locking zippers for the 3 accesses to prevent pets from opening and one clip inside for additional security.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN- There are 3 access for pets, top and front. Besides, the fleece pet bed is machine washable.
Henkelion Cat, Dog Carrier for Small Medium Cats Puppies up to 15 Lbs, TSA Airline Approved Carrier Soft Sided, Collapsible Travel Puppy Carrier - Grey
  • AIRLINE APPROVED CARRIER - With airline-approved design, you can take your pet to go to everywhere. This pet carrier provides two connecting loop handles for balanced carrying as a dual seat belt or luggage strap to secure transport
  • SAFETY DESIGN - The adjustable shoulder strap help you hands-free carrying and makes it more safe and convenient pet carrier bag for your travel
  • DURABLE - This cat carrier is made of durable and lightweight polyester fabric. The four-side mesh will not only give a safe and comfortable travel for your pet, but also easy for you to check on your pet
  • PORTABLE & FOLDABLE - This dog carrier is easy to carry and store, which has a padded shoulder strap and handles
  • BOTH SIZES AND WEIGHTS - The mediun cat carrier is designed for small and medium pets within 15" x 9" x 9"(smaller than product) and 15 lbs. Please do not choose your carrier only based on weight. Reference your pets' length and height in selecting a carrier size.
Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs (Black)
  • ★ Pet Backpack Dimensions:12.6" L x 11.4" W x 16.5" H. Perfect for dogs up to 15-pounds, or cats up to 18-pounds. Easily fits cats, small dogs, and most other small/medium-sized pets! Please make sure your pet sits within 14.5 inches overall height and 12 inches wide.
  • ★ Breathable & Perspective: Three side was made of PVC mesh for the carriers. Well ventilated design for optimal airflow and checking on pet
  • ★Reduce shoulder weight:This cat carrier backpack comes with chest buckles which helps to reduce the burden and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping while pet moving
  • ★ Keep your pet comfortable: Removable cosy mat for easier cleaning and let your pet enjoy it inside.
  • ★ Last Long Using and Easy Storage: Our premium pet carrier is quite scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use. You can also rest assured that it is strong enough to stand up to the scratches or gnawing of your pets.
Morpilot Cat Carrier - Soft Sided Cat Carrier Large for Big Medium Cats and Puppy up to 15lbs, Pet Carrier with Safety Zippers, Foldable Bowl, Airline Approved Large Cat Carrier - Dark Gray
  • 【 Spacious & Comfortable Cat Carrier 】The large cat carrier provides ample space for your feline friend to move, turn, and stretch during travel. Measuring 17.3 x 12.2 x 13.4 inches, it is wider and taller than most cat carriers, ensuring your pet feels comfortable and at ease while on the go.
  • 【 Balanced Mesh Design 】Unlike other dog carrier, our pet carrier strikes the perfect balance with 40% mesh surface area. This ensures your pet can observe the surroundings and breathe easily while feeling safe and secure at the same time. The cat carrier large is suitable for pets in all kinds of situations.
  • 【 Safe & Durable 】Safety is our top priority, and the cat carrier is equipped with a secure buckle to prevent your pet from escaping. The cat carrier soft is made of reinforced snow silk fabric and hard mesh material, ensuring durability and preventing any tearing during long-distance travel.
  • 【 Portable & Easy to Store 】The Cat Carrier is portable and collapsible, making it easy to store when not in use. It comes with a thick fleece mat that can be removed and washed for added convenience. With adjustable straps and a leather handle, it can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag.
  • 【 Versatile Travel Companion 】Suitable for all types of cats and small animals, the Cat Carrier is the perfect travel companion for cars, trains, airplanes, and more. Please check specific airline regulations before boarding. Our carrier is designed to provide comfort and ease for both you and your pet, making it the perfect choice for pet owners who value safety and convenience.
SPOT Doc & Phoebe’s 3-in-1 Sleep & Go Cat Carrier | Portable Pet Travel Bag for Cats and Small Dogs | Converts to Carrier, Cozy Cave and Comfy Bed | Adjustable Shoulder Strap Perfect for Vet Visits
  • VERSATILE 3-IN-1 DESIGN: This portable pet carrier bag also serves as a cozy cave and comfy bed and features breathable mesh on top and sides to ensure air circulation, making your cat comfortable while taking them to the vet or on a car trip
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This pet carrier and cat bed is made with durable pet safe materials and is perfect for cats and small dogs weighing up to 22lbs
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The soft cushion inside the bag is removable and can be washed by hand, allowing for easy cleaning of stains without the fuss
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: A great size for car or airline travel, it’s still roomy enough so as not to bring additional stress on your pets, helping reduce their anxiety
  • ETHICAL PRODUCTS PROMISE: If you or your pet aren't completely happy with this product, please visit our website for more details

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