Do Hotels Allow Cats?

Unfortunately, there’s not always a straightforward answer to this question…

Do hotels allow cats?

Yes and no. 

Some hotels have very welcoming, inclusive pet policies. Other hotels don’t. 
Is it possible for you to find somewhere for your cat to sleep when you’re traveling?

Absolutely, but it might take some researching first.  Some hotel chains like Kimpton have a blanket policy of accepting all animals including cats.  Other hotels might say they’re pet-friendly when really, they mean dog-friendly.

Why Do Hotels Accept Dogs but Not Cats?

Cat urine is likely to be one reason.  It has a very strong smell that can be difficult to remove from carpet, bedding and furnishings. Hotels are probably worried that a cat might scratch or claw furniture as a way of territory marking, too.  Whilst it’s frustrating that so few hotels are willing to accommodate cats, it’s easy to understand why from a business perspective.

Don’t Assume All Hotel Chains Have the Same Policy

Hotel chains often have different policies for different properties.

Part of the reason it’s a difficult question is because hotel chains can have different policies for each property they own.

What you were allowed to do at a Marriot in Dallas might not be allowed at the Boston Marriot.

Our biggest piece of advice is don’t assume they do.  It takes a few minutes to call up a hotel to ask and check. It’ll save you a lot of wasted time second-guessing information online that could be outdated.  Imagine turning up with your cat in its carrier and then being turned away.

Be Prepared to Pay Extra

A hotel that allows cats may ask you to pay an additional fee.  We’ve seen charges range from $10 up to $100. If there’s no extra charge, then you might be asked for a refundable deposit in case of any damage.  Double check with the hotel before booking so you know exactly what you’re going to pay.

Staying with the Cat

Some hotels stipulate that you have to be in the room with the cat at all times.  Obviously, this isn’t a problem if you’re just taking a break during a long overnight drive but if it’s a longer stay and you’re traveling alone, it might be inconvenient.  Some hotels will allow a cat to be left by itself in the room if it’s secured inside a carrier.

Honestly, we’re not trying to be deliberately vague

It’s just how varied animal policies can be.

You Might Need to Change Your Own Towels

Housekeeping probably won’t clean your room if there’s an animal inside.  You might be able to get away with it if the cat is kept in its carrier or if you can shut it in the bathroom whilst they’re cleaning.

US Hotels that Allow Cats

Again, please check before booking in case things have changed.

You can visit the Trips with Pets website for a list of pet-friendly hotels by state.  Remembering again that pet-friendly doesn’t always include cats.

Hotels in the UK that Accept Cats

Travelodge in the UK allow cats.  They’re proudly pet-friendly and confirm this on their website.  They have over 550 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain.  We’ve stayed with them a number of times (although, never with a cat), and whilst some are a little aged or tired with limited facilities, others have been friendly, comfortable hotels with an on-site restaurant and bar. Catch a good deal in a sale and they’re very affordable, too.

Days Inn by Wyndham allow pets to stay for a £10 fee but again double-check in case that’s changed since this article was posted.

AirBnB might give you more choice and often in rural areas the homes are pet-friendly.

We Accept Pets shows UK properties that allow cats.

Do Hotels Accept Cats? Questions to Ask Before Booking

  • Can I bring my cat?
  • Does your pet-friendly policy include cats?
  • How many cats are allowed per room?
  • Do you charge extra for animals?
  • Do you have animal-friendly facilities (some hotels provide beds and room service…seriously!)
  • Will housekeeping know there’s a live animal in my room?
  • Am I OK to go out and leave the cat in the room?

There’s a good chance that you’ll find somewhere to stay with your cat but it might take some additional research in order to find them.

The links included in this post should help give you an idea of what’s available but don’t book anything until you’ve doubled-checked with the hotel.  

Drop us a comment if we’ve missed any big names

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