wicker carrier with a cat sleeping on it

9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wicker Cat Carrier

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Owners looking to rock the vintage look when travelling with their cat may be tempted to buy a wicker cat carrier.

It’s certainly a very stylish way of carrying your pet but is it any better or worse than the more traditional plastic and soft-sided carriers?

wicker carrier with a cat sleeping on it

After all, we shouldn’t judge a carrier on what it looks like but how durable,
, affordable and secure it is.

Before buying a wicker cat carrier, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the product as well as identifying any non-negotiables that are important to you as the buyer. 

We’re going to give 9 brief points to consider before buying a wicker pet carrier and then we’ll be list some links to available products that may be suitable for you and your pet.

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Trixie 2871 Cat Basket with Grid 50 cm Diameter
  • Safe and secure cat classic carrier
  • With mesh door and handle
  • Metal barred door on the front

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What is a wicker cat carrier?

Wicker is a weaving technique used in the manufacturing of baskets or furniture. Reeds, rattan and cane are three popular materials used in wicking but it can also be done with synthetic materials.   

9 Things to consider in a Wicker Cat Carrier


1.  Wicker pet carriers are more environmentally friendly than plastic (and many soft-sided carriers, too).  It makes them an attractive option for owners looking to become more eco-aware in their everyday life. 

2.  The ones we’ve listed below are non-toxic which is better for the health of your pet.

3.  They’re effortlessly more stylish than plastic carriers. We love the vintage style reminding us of wicker hampers and summer picnics.

4.  It can also make a great wicker cat bed to use around the home.  This helps create a better relationship between the cat and its carrier. It takes fear and unfamiliarity away and could be a real lifesaver when you have to put your cat inside and take it to the vet.  Some owners take the door off to make them into a wicker cat cave. 

5.  Wicker cat carriers are generally smaller so you’re far more likely to pick the correct size.  With so many sizing options for plastic and soft carriers, it’s tempting to opt for a much bigger carrier but cats often prefer small spaces.



6.  Wicker can be harder to clean than plastic and soft carriers. 

7.  Often, they’ll only have one door which can make it harder to get anxious cats in and out. 

8.  Smaller sizes make it less suitable for multiple cats to share.

9.  A cheap or poorly made wicker carrier may start falling apart more easily and some of the weave ends may fray and be sharp.

Wicker Cat Carriers to Buy

TRIXIE Cat Basket

We love the simple vintage style of this wicker cat cave and the circular entry point is ideal for encouraging your cat to jump in and settle quickly. 

Width 50cm, Height 40cm, Depth 40cm.

The opening is 24cm

Trixie 2871 Cat Basket with Grid 50 cm Diameter
  • Safe and secure cat classic carrier
  • With mesh door and handle
  • Metal barred door on the front

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  • Metal barred door and handle
  • Secured by a wooden toggle
  • Carry handle on the top
  • Many owners suggesting that by removing the door they’ve turned it into a cat cave
  • A wide flat base for using in the car and seatbelt can be secured through the top handle. 


Toggle mechanism seems to be secure but if your cat is an escape artist it might not be the most secure mechanism enough to keep them inside.

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Pawhut Grey Wicker Cat Carrier Basket

Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 40 cm

Weight: 3.6 kg

We love the colour on this one and the fact that it’s non-toxic makes it an ideal addition to a home even when it’s not in use. 

  • Semi-round shape
  • Non-toxic
  • Made from natural wicker
  • Includes a cushion
  • Has a metal wire door
  • Easy to use buckle fastenings keep the door locked


  • Maximum load weight is 5kg so not suitable for larger cats. 

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Pawhut Wicker Cat Carrier Basket

42 x 35 x 35 cm

Weight 2.5 kg

We really love how cute and vintage this carrier is and it’s made from natural materials, too. 

PawHut Wicker Cat Carrier Basket Kitten Bed Portable Pet Caves Houses with Soft Cushion 42 x 35 x 35 cm, 2.5 kg
  • SPACIOUS AND STYLISH: An easy way to make your cat or kitten during their outdoor travels, an elegant design you'll love keeping them in
  • NATURAL WICKER BODY: Made into a tunnel design, durable and non-toxic and protect your cat from inside, Study against damage from your cat scratching, as well as ensuring they won't hurt claws
  • PILLOW: Soft and plush to ensure your cat is kept comfortable as they travel, METAL WIRE DOOR: Kept in place with the easy-use buckle fastenings, keeping your cat securely and safely in the cage
  • CARRY HANDLE: Falls flat and anchored to the basket, it allows you to carry the basket smoothly whilst on the move, DIMENSIONS: 37H x 42L x 35W cm, Door: 35H x 35W cm, Mat: 28L x 36W cm
  • Maximum load weight 8KG, assemble required

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  • Tunnel design so plenty of space for your cat to lie down comfortably.
  • Plush pillow included for comfort
  • Buckle fastenings to keep the door in place
  • The maximum load weight is 8kg so suitable for medium cats


  • Gaps along the side give for good ventilation but may be less suitable for cats who prefer to be covered during travel.

Alternatives to wicker pet carriers

MDC Cat Carrying Basket

MDC Cat Carrying Basket, White, top Opening with Durable Handle
  • Top Opening for ease of access to animal inside - reducing stress and anxiety for both owner and animal
  • The 2.5cm square mesh, coated in non-toxic PVC for incredible durability and hygiene.
  • A vacuum-formed plastic tray is provided allowing the option of a protective base ideal to prevent any ‘accidents’ overflowing during transit
  • Available in a choice of colours - Red, Black, Green, Blue and White - also available in 3 sizes
  • Item display weight: 1.0 kilograms. Age range description: All.

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  • Wire cat carriers have the benefit of being top-opening which is better for nervous or difficult cats. 
  • This product is made of non-toxic PVC, too.  What we like about this carrier is that the base has a deep lip so if you’re travelling and the cat has an accident then it won’t overspill everywhere.
  • It comes in several different colours, too, which is ideal if you want a carrier that stands out from the crowd. 
  • Good ventilation and you can see your cat entirely. 
  • You can buy a cover for it as well if you’re cat suffers from motion sickness or is easily over-stimulated when travelling.


We’ll add a list below of other cat carriers that may be suitable for your cat.  

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We hope you’ve found some useful information on whether you should buy a wicker cat carrier or not.  Whichever carrier you choose we wish you safe and happy travels with your cat!

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